Why am I not getting a response after applying for a Job in a Company in 2020? Main reasons are …


Why Am I not getting a response after applying for a Job in a Company?

Many Candidates Applying for a Job have a Complaint that they are not getting a response after applying for a specific job posting in a company. Getting a job Off-campus is not hard as it sounds like but sure is harder than getting a Job on-campus. You have to compete with people all across the country rather than college or university so it’s a little harder than on-campus but not that hard.There are multiple reasons why it happens and given below is the list we think that maybe the possible reason for not getting a response :-


  • Make sure to read all the Qualifications required for a specific job before applying. You may not be eligible for one or more reasons maybe because of the job requirements so make sure to check all the job requirements and qualifications and experience they have mentioned and apply only if you think you are a fit.

Skills and Experience

  • In today’s world, most of the companies especially startups look at your skills and experience in a particular language/area of Interest and check your fluency in that particular area. So make sure So pump up your skills and excel in the field that you are in so your skills out stand in your resume.


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  • One of the main and the most important thing companies look and ask for in an interview are your projects. The quality of your projects, How many projects have you done, at what scale have you done your projects, How you solved challenges while doing a project, etc. So you have to do more and more quality projects and add in your Resume/CV’s So your Resume become more attractive and companies shortlist you.

No. of Candidates Applying

  • One more reason for not getting a Response maybe because of the number of Applicants for a particular Job. There may be only a few openings in a company but the applicants are in thousands. Some companies keep shortlisting Dynamically. So companies may find good and solid candidates even before your resume gets shortlisted and then the position is filled even before your resume is passed.

Applying Late

  • Continuing with the 4th point mentioned above you may apply late in a job posting after a company finds suitable candidates for the same job posting.

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  • Some companies look for candidates only from IIT’s, NIIT’s, BIT’s and more top Tier Colleges. so If you are from a low tier college some companies might reject your resume directly just by looking at your college. That’s the reason why most of the parents stress on their child to study hard and grab good college.
  • To sum it up we will recommend whichever college you are in or whichever place you come from please keep working hard and work on the skills. Keep applying in more and more jobs in which you find yourself a good fir and is eligible so you land in a good job soon.

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